The OFFICIAL ThatOneJazzy Website

Welcome to my website!!!

Hi, yes welcome to this website of mine!

Here's some stuff I do

I Make Games

I Make Art

Here's some games I've worked on!

THE TWISTER ZONE: A weird and stupid game Link!

The Eliminate Dream Project Link!

Test Game for RPG Maker 95 Link!

BETA 2.2 Link!

MMMindSpace: CORRUPT Link!

A New Day: Chapter 1 Link!

Here are some links to my social media!

My Twitter Link!

My YouTube Link!

My Sudomemo Link!

My GameJolt Link!

The Boyo

  • The Boi
  • Some of my art!!

    Art I made for Valnetines!!


    Blake (Maxwell's father) meeting his future grandkids

    Art I made when one of my games had reached 200+ downloads!

    Maxwell's ref sheet

    Jasmine's ref sheet

    What do I wanna become in the future?

    Quite alot of things actually! Mainly about Game Design

    For example, I wanna know how to code and make games

    And I also wanna know how to preserve games and what not

    I also want to become a well known artist!

    And... Yeah that's about it-

    Not the biggest list of thing to become in the world but I don't really care